The Role of Binaural Beats in Mental Wellness

Have you watched Back to the Future Part 2?  In this movie, Doc uses a sleep-inducing alpha rhythm generator on Marty’s girlfriend to put her to sleep instantly. While binaural beats are not an actual machine that induces sleep, they are a form of auditory therapy that could potentially affect brain wave activity, having a similar effect.

Let me tell you first what they are and how they work. Suppose you are listening to a sound in your right ear at 141 Hz, and in your left ear at 131 Hz. Your brain will fall into synchronization with that difference of 11 Hz. So this 11 Hz’s third beat you experience is called the binaural beat. I hope it’s clear to you know that how it works.

Let’s discuss how can you use them? There are various beats recorded and present on the internet like binaural beats for headache relief, for focus and concentration, for deep sleep, etc.  You can choose the binaural beat intended for your desired state; for example, if you want to relax, and then choose the corresponding binaural beat for relaxation. 

For a binaural beat to work properly, all you need is to make sure that the two frequencies have a frequency less than 1000Hz, and also the difference between the two frequencies cannot be more than 30 Hz. Additionally, the two frequencies also need to be listened to separately, one through each ear.

Now let’s shift to the discussion of how binaural beats can be used for mental wellness. When you listen to binaural beats they enhance your brain-waves which results in neural benefits. Among all the binaural beats, each has its purpose.

 “The Vibration of sound can restore balance and promote well-being”

_DR. Andrew Weil 

 If you want to relax and reduce your stress, certain binaural beat frequencies are believed to induce a relaxed state. It works similarly to meditation.

If you are facing problems with concentration and focus, either at office or at school, being distracted irritates the most. Studies suggest listening to binaural beat frequencies, as they help in enhancing concentration and attention.

They can also be used to overcome anxiety.  But its effectiveness depends on how long time you spend listening to binaural beats, the moment listening took place, and last but not least which frequency you use. In research on 15 anxious participants, researchers found that listening to binaural beats can significantly reduce anxiety levels.

The Bottom Line

Binaural beats are auditory illusions with potential to improve mental wellness. They offer various benefits including stress reduction, enhanced focus and even reduces anxiety. So try incorporating them in meditation and deep work activities. They won’t work for everyone, and are not considered cure for particular condition but still, they might offer an auditory escape for relaxing or sleeping more peacefully.

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