answer the why

This universe has been humming and vibrating and expanding for billions of years. The celestial sound of the universe, Om. It’s that same powerful energy moving through all matter and we are no exception.  Engage. Why else were you given  an opportunity to share in this wonder?


Empowering humans to put some better vibes out their


Our why

I am that” and “Truth is Creation“. – Sri Nisargadatta and Guru Nanak Dev Ji

We are an international team of believers inspired by the lessons and lives of  great spiritual teachers who travelled before us. Their journey and understanding of this universe and our connectedness are still being discovered by science. 

Science can now measure subtle energies and how they affect matter.  We know that sound is in essence energy.  The sounds and thoughts you carry, create an energy.  This energy shapes you and the people and things around you. 

This planet is speaking to us and we need to listen better.

Future generations will support us, so we need to give better.

YOU are our why and our goal is to support you in upping your energy.

Raise the roof.
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