Attract What You Want: A Beginner’s Guide to Manifesting With The Law Of Vibration

Are you ready to see your deepest desires come to life? Explore this article and unlock the secrets to manifesting anything you dream of. 

You are much more powerful than you ever imagined. You are not a physical being in this physical universe; instead you are a vibrational being in vibrational universe. One of the biggest challenges of human beings is to learn how to live as a vibrational being in this vibrational universe. By understanding how to transmit the vibrations of your ideal life, you can fundamentally change the way you experience the world and become aligned with your ideal life.

” You must be a vibrational match to whatever it is you want to manifest. This is simply done by feeling good about having it.”

These are the five steps you can use to raise your vibration and use the law of vibration to attract what you want in your life.

Establish your intentions right

Most people have no idea what they want, let alone manifest it, so they are too vague with their intentions. They desire to own a successful business in one moment but the next they feel doubtful and prefer to continue to work in their existing career. This action sends confusing signals to the universe and your vibrations will not be in alignment with what you want.

 The second type is the people who are very ambitious with their desires. They desire to be rich but they have no idea of how much exactly they want to be. When they get a raise of 100$ that is not enough and associate with a negative feeling. Therefore, set your intention right and make sure you understand what you desire and what you want to achieve in your life.  Following this approach will help you send the right and consistent message to the universe and the universe will generate what you desire in your life.

Use visualization to raise your vibrations

You may already know that to manifest your dreams; you need to focus on aligning your vibration with the things that you desire and visualization is one of the most powerful tools that can help you in this.

 When you visualize your dreams, your mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what’s being visualized. Like when you visualize squeezing lemon juice into your mouth; you will have more saliva in your mouth. Your mind makes what you visualize real, thus practice visualizing the things that you want to be, do, and have in your life.

Imagine that you have already achieved, and living your dreams. You must see it vividly so that your mind will make it real and will raise your vibration to match the things that you want. The key is to focus on maintaining the vibration to be in harmony with your dreams and the manifestation process will happen.

Elevate your vibrations through emotions

The majority of people misunderstand the third phase of the law of vibration and the law of attraction, which is to boost your vibration via your emotions. Most people believe that thinking about what they want will be enough to trigger the manifestation process.

This is only partially true, though; you also need to use your emotions to elevate your vibrations to a higher plane. You can’t merely wish for things to happen and fantasize about what you desire. It’s got to feel real to you.

 For example, don’t only visualize your desires; you also need to connect your feelings and emotions with the process. Imagine that you are already successful; you have achieved your goals, and are living your dreams.

 Your emotions are one of the most powerful devices that can intensify your vibration and help you manifest what you want in life. Without emotions, nothing moves.

Believe in the process

The fourth step is to trust the process.  When you believe in something, you won’t ever doubt it and you just simply follow up what comes in your way. Like, when you believe that you’re going to win the jackpot; do you think you will hesitate to buy a lottery ticket for it? No, you will not!

 The majority of people don’t think they can materialize their desires and realize their aspirations. Consequently, they do nothing. All they do is ponder about their desires, but they secretly doubt that they will be able to achieve them. Never let this happen to you, choose to trust the process and believe in it.

Relax and be willing to receive

Think of this process as a growing tree, all you have to do is make sure you supply suitable soil, expose the plant to sunlight, and water it frequently. Is it possible for the tree to grow overnight? No! Avoid being over-obsessed with the things you desire. The same goes for your intent to attract and manifest in your life, you cannot rush the process. And once you’ve completed the process then let the universe deliver your manifestations.  

The Bottom Line

Ready to start manifesting your dreams? Begin by aligning your intentions with the steps in this guide! By understanding the law of vibration and attraction you can manifest your desires.  Trust in the process and release attachment to the outcome. Set your intentions right, believe in the process, and Allow the universe to unfold your dreams.

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