How The Law Of Vibration Changed My Life?

Have you ever got stuck in a rut, moving through the motions of life without feeling really alive? That was me a year ago. I want to share with you guys how I transformed my life by embracing the law of vibration. But before I start, I want to help you guys understand the law of vibration.

Everything in the universe vibrates at different frequencies, and life becomes more enjoyable when you raise your own frequency. Everything from your table to the cup of tea on it, is vibrating. You, I, and even our emotions are no exception. All vibrates at their frequencies from low to high. High vibrational frequencies are positive emotions like love, joy, and appreciation. Whereas low vibrational frequencies are negative emotions like anger, guilt, hate, etc.

Our vibrations dictate what we attract. The law of vibration is closely related to the law of attraction. The law of attraction is a new thought spiritual belief that says that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences in our lives. So if you are vibrating with negative feelings of anger, the law of attraction will bring you anger in return, and if you are practicing the feelings of joy, this law will attract joy to you in return.

That time in my life when I was working as a librarian. It was a rainy afternoon, and staring out the library window I felt lost and unfulfilled. I felt like something was missing. My job felt more like a shushing duty than a book adventure. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but deep down, I knew there had to be more to life than just going through the motions.

Back home, I was about to set books back on shelves, and a book called “The Universe Soundtrack” caught my eye.  Its old cover hinted at wild card in my dull routine. I decided to read this book. This book introduced me to the law of vibration, that everything vibrates at a certain frequency, from leaves rustling to thumping of our hearts, this aroused my curiosity. The concept “Like attracts like” caused me to think that my current beige-fest was attracting more beige.

Your Frequency is your destiny”, I read, and I felt a sudden tingling sensation running down my spine. This caused me to think, was my boring life just a mirror of how I felt inside?

The next morning, I decided to start today; I’ll try to stay happy.  I was the conductor of my orchestra, only I could change its tune.  My first try was very awkward. I put on a smile and said “Today, I vibrate Joy!” but the smile felt fake and the day played out the boring tune.

I slumped onto my balcony. Tears in my eyes, blurred the city lights, making them shimmer like distant stars.  And then a little visitor, a hummingbird, a flesh of tiny green gemstones, floated near my window. Its wings were making a gentle but strong sound.

A quote from Abraham Hicks flickered in my mind,” Joy is not a destination; it’s a way of being”. So Instead of chasing it, I decided to grow joy. I started by being thankful, enjoying the sound of the fridge, feeling the gentle touch of air and warmth of the sun on my skin, and finding beauty in everyday moments. I started giving another chance to myself for the mistakes I made and to forget the past. I practiced being kind, and offering smiles to strangers.

Slowly my frequency shifted from low to high. I started to smile genuinely and started feeling happy like a hummingbird. Despite the shushing nature of my job, my eyes now sparkle with joy; the silence was a bridge, not a wall.

I started making connections easily, like bees drawn to flowers, because of the warmth in my conversations. Now my life feels lively and colorful instead of dull. It’s like my own special song made of all the good vibes around me.

The Bottom Line

Remember, the Law of vibration is not magic; rather, it’s a gradual tuning of how you feel inside. So if you are feeling down, find happiness in small things and be thankful for them. Your life is special, just like you. Keep spreading joy and kindness and see how your life changes for the better because “Vibration is a language that the universe understands”.

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