Binaural Beats Vs Subliminal Messaging: Which one should you choose?

We all want to better ourselves and improve our quality of life. There have been multiple attempts to find the best solution for reforming bad habits and taking on healthy and better ones. When we go for the solutions, several auditory and visual means have been discovered that impact our conscious and subconscious minds and result in making changes accordingly.

So binaural beats are frequencies are frequencies alpha, beta, delta, and gamma that you can listen to alter your mind states. Subliminal messaging is generally the words or images that are presented below the conscious awareness of the audience. Their purpose is also to influence people, resulting in altering their mental states. These messages can be auditory or visual.

In 1957, a market researcher from New Jersey, named James Vicary created the first subliminal ad. His “Popcorn Experiment” involved flashing the words “Eat Popcorn” and “Drink Coca-Cola” on the screen for a single frame in a movie. Though the words were too short for the reader to notice but were long enough for their subconscious mind to pick up. He claimed that he had successfully convinced moviegoers to buy more snacks using subliminal messaging.

So Subliminal messages are interesting and engaging messages hidden within visual or audio content, with the purpose to bypass the conscious mind and reach our subconscious mind. 

Key differences:

This image contains some key differences between binaural beats and subliminal messaging.

Which one is superior?

Well there is no definite answer to this question. Here is the reason why; there are lots of reasons to utilize subliminal messaging and even several more to utilize binaural beats. Both have different methods of affecting and helping you achieve your goals. Here is my suggestion that you should benefit from both. Try exploring both concerning your desire and find the one that impacts you the most.  You can use them together for best results.

Safety of using both at the same time

As increasing popularity of binaural beats and subliminal messaging, concerns about their effectiveness and safety of use are also growing. You may also be interested to know whether you should listen to these both or not? So the answer is yes, majority of researchers suggest listening to both at the same time.

If you are going to combine them, make sure that the theme of the recording ought to support each other to provide a truly transformative experience.

 For example, you should couple subliminal messaging recording with theta binaural beat of approximately 6 Hz, if it contains positive affirmations about stress relief and calmness. 

How long should you listen for better results?

Try listening to binaural beats for at least 30 minutes daily for better results. And subliminal messaging for a period of 26 to 30 days if you want to make changes to your subconscious mind permanently

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for ways to change your brain and unlock you potential, both binaural beats and subliminal messaging can be helpful for you.  Though their approaches are different; one is influencing brainwaves while other is whispering directly to subconscious mind, but their potential to unlock positive change is undeniable. The true answer to the question that, which is “superior” lies within you. Try exploring both, and choose the one that resonates most. Weave their melodies together, listen with intension and witness the symphony of progress unfold within.

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